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Redwood Information

Free PDF Brochures:

The following PDF files are courtesy of the California Redwood Association.

You are welcome to view, save and print these redwood brochures using Adobe Reader.

Redwood for Green Building

Redwood for Green Building

Redwood as a green building material.
Redwood Design Gallery

Redwood Design Gallery

A showcase of redwood outdoor projects.
Redwood Grades and Uses

Redwood Grades and Uses

Illustrated guide to the general purpose redwood grades.
Redwood Landscape Architecture

Redwood Landscape Architecture

Idea booklet and specifying guide for redwood garden applications. Includes many color photos.
Redwood Fences For All Reasons

Redwood Fences For All Reasons

Terrific idea brochure with over 30 photos. Includes construction drawings for dozens of fence designs and step-by-step building instructions.
Redwood Fences - Practical Elegance

Redwood Fences – Practical Elegance

Colorful booklet showing a variety of fence designs with information on grades, finishes and fasteners.
Redwood Siding Pattersn & Applications

Redwood Siding Patterns & Applications

Builder's details for applying Certified Kiln Dried siding; includes patter profiles, mailing and finishing information.
Redwood Exterior Finishes

Redwood Exterior Finishes

Easy-to-read chart describes and illustrates the variety of exterior finishes for redwood.
Redwood Lumber Patterns

Redwood Lumber Patterns

Full size details of all the standard redwood lumber patterns.
The No-Maintenance Option - Naturally Weathered Redwood

The No-Maintenance Option: Naturally Weathered Redwood

Discusses leaving redwood unfinished for a rustic appearance.
How to Restore Redwood's Color

How to Restore Redwood's Color

A guide for effectively restoring the appearance of redwood's natural color.
Painting Redwood Siding

Painting Redwood Siding

Describes preparation, painting and maintenance of exterior redwood.
Using Redwood - An Environmentally Sound Decision

Using Redwood: An Environmentally Sound Decision

The environmental impact of using redwood for construction.
Dimensional Stability of California Redwood

Dimensional Stability of California Redwood

Discusses the low, relative shrinkage of redwood lumber.
Finder-Jointed and Glued Redwood Products

Finger-Jointed and Glued Redwood Products

Describes the properties of these unique knotless products.
Enhancing the Performance of Flat Grain Lumber

Enhancing the Performance of Flat Grain Lumber

Describes the proper methods for using and installing flat grain lumber products.
Using Redwood Siding over Rigid Foam Sheathing

Using Redwood Siding over Rigid Foam Sheathing

Discusses construction details that are critical to good siding performance when installed over rigid foam sheathing.
Material Safety Data Shee - Wood Dust

Material Safety Data Sheet—Wood Dust

Describes wood dust health and safety issues.
Understanding Extractive Bleeding

Understanding Extractive Bleeding

Wood contains extractives which can sometime cause stains. Discusses causes and preventative measures.

Own a Piece of California State History All of our wood is clear all heart salvaged old growth redwood. This salvaged sunken redwood has ax-shaved ends, meaning it was cut before the late-1800s. OriginallyAx-shaved endharvested between 1850 and 1910, this redwood falls into three distinct time periods: 1) A V-shape or "beaver-cut" meant that a log was felled with an axe between 1850 and 1876, when the labor- and time-saving raker-tooth saw was invented. 2) Logs cut with a saw and dragged to the river by mules or oxen were first shaved or edged around their circumference to prevent snagging. Learn more...

Fine Craftsmen and WoodworkersWe gladly interface with owners, contractors, architects, builders, designers and/or their agents to provide you our beautifully colored salvaged redwood. We know old growth redwood and what it can do. Custom bed by Greg GagnonWe hand select every piece of wood we sell, and we absolutely guarantee its quality. Redwood Salvage Sales arranges custom milling to any specifications you define in vertical, flat or mixed grains, and ship directly to your home or workplace. We can ship domestic and internationally. Our orders are shipped to you with no waste at all, every stick usable for its intended purpose. Learn more...

Brewery Gulch InnAWARD WINNINGFournded and built by Arky Ciancutti with his eco-salvaged redwood, Gourmet Magazine (August, 2002) said, "this stylish new hotel sets a SoHo standard for design..." Wine Enthusiast (March, 2003) said that, partly due to this wood, the inn is "A masterpiece of style and design." Sky Magazine (Delta Airlines) wrote in June, 2003, that ...."wood connoisseur Ciancutti used the wood as lavish trim, a worthy tribute to those ancient trees." Learn more....

Myrtlewood AvailableMyrtlewood pieceAll-burl Myrtlewood is available here at Redwood Salvage Sales. We have Myrtlewood slabs 2-1/4" to 3-1/4", all 10' long, up to 44" wide, all book-matched. Air-dried 6 years indoors. One of a kind pieces. Some beautiful furnishings and items have been created by our local craftsmen.

Customer ReviewsCustomer installing their new redwood panelingAnother happy customer installing their new redwood paneling says, "They look beautiful!"—Los Angeles

Read what other customers have to say at our Customer Reviews.

In The NewsMyrtlewood pieceMagazine articles about Redwood Salvage Sales by Robb Report Luxury Home; BUILDERnews; Sawmill & Woodlot Magazine; and The San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Magazine. Check it out!

The Salvage StoryA man's journey from doctor to innkeeper in Mendocino County began with dredging sunken timber out of Big River...the recovery of a lost treasure of Northern California!

Green Benefits and Durability of RedwoodRedwood repels termites and its ability to resist rot enables it to last for generations—superb green architect resources for your green dream home! Learn more...

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